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Do you feel your promise and potential are clouded by negative experiences and beliefs?

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Blue Skies offers hope and was founded by Miriam Grace Granthier, a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and Senior Accredited Therapist (BACP) in 1990. She has 26 years’ experience as a psychotherapist, her therapy practice is based in Derby and she works locally, nationally and internationally. Blue Skies offers individually tailored psychotherapy and counselling, exciting workshops and life direction coaching.

Miriam’s psychotherapeutic approach is that we are all born with promise and potential and that life experiences can mean that we lose sight of ourselves in this way. We can end up feeling hopeless, stuck, angry, disconnected, anxious or depressed. Miriam takes into account a person’s situation, their unique abilities and strengths and can help with life and relationship pressures and difficulties or to find clarity regarding direction and purpose as life’s transitions and problems are worked through in order to re-connect with ourselves. Some negative experiences and resulting beliefs can be very damaging and may feel difficult to overcome without help. Her approach is to explore, understand, accept and to help you become more of who you are, in this way change happens by acceptance rather than driving yourself to be who you are expected to be. Miriam encourages you to be who you truly are and this in turn can resolve internal conflicts which cause so much stress.

Blue Skies is based on a firm foundation of long experience working in psychotherapy and group dynamics. This enables us teach skills to revitalise teams, couples or individuals to work with increased effectiveness towards their desired outcomes. Miriam specialises in life changing situations, trauma, midlife and relationship breakdown and is interested in how we can become more fully ourselves by working through these difficult processes.


Blue Skies is also home to innovative approaches and has been developing, trialling and writing about the incorporation of spirituality and meditation within a therapeutic framework.

Take positive action now to begin living and working the way you want to. By connecting to your authentic self and your energy, and by understanding how you function well and how you become stuck, Blue Skies aims to help you move through difficulties and blocks to enrich and enjoy your life, to connect again with your unique promise and potential and to live a fulfilled, joyous and connected life. To arrange an appointment contact Miriam now.


Holycombe Life Awakening Retreat


3rd-6th September 2015

This beautiful retreat is based on becoming more who you are. Using the philosophy behind Life Awakening, the Human Trinity Principles, this weekend will use meditation, ritual, exercises, discussion, personal reflection and Life Awakening ideas to help you value yourself and appreciate your uniqueness more fully.

This is suitable for those who have experienced the Life Awakening approach and wish to take it deeper, as well as those who are new to Life Awakening.

Facilitator:    Miriam Grace Granthier 

Single room: £545 | With discount: £495

Twin room: £495 | With discount: £445
Shared dormitory of four people: £455 | With discount: £405

Includes all food and accommodation, your own work materials and workbook.

The retreat space is beautiful. Based in the Cotswolds, there is a large pond, a stone circle, trees and horses all near the house. We will be able to explore our connection with nature as well as silence. For photos please go to http://www.holycombe.com