Blue Skies is closed after 27 years

I’m very sad to say that after 27 years of practice as a psychotherapist, supervisor, tutor, course writer and trainer, that I am closing my practice.

If you’ve worked with me you will know I love my work and I love the people I work with and that I have kept the possibility of continuing work open for as long as possible.

Unfortunately illness and the aggressive treatment I’m undergoing is going to need all my focus and energy and time now. It’s not great news, I know, but I intend to face this with grace and truthfulness and give it my all, just as I hope I did at work.

If you have worked with me in the past then I hope we had chance to do enough so that you can continue to value and love your own uniqueness. That’s my thing, as you know, the more you try to be who you are not, or where you are not, the more stuck you become. We are where we are. That’s the truth.

My blogs and self help pages remain here for your reference and I will update if I feel well enough. You can at the moment use the home page to continue to sign up for my newsletter, email to ask for my personal recommendations for a therapist, trainer or supervisor.

I don’t feel that I can do anything other than do what must be done and focus myself 100% upon my health and recovery to give myself the best chance. I’m very lucky to have a lot of loving support.

I appreciate all your good wishes, love and support.

With love to you all,



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8 comments on “Blue Skies is closed after 27 years

  1. Your website is such an inspiration and I’m glad that you’re leaving it there, and leaving your resources too. Xxxxxx

    • Miriam Granthier on said:

      Thanks, Loui, I hope they will be useful to people and that the blog will continue to offer thoughts to people, although I’m not at work.

  2. Lynn Arnold on said:

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  3. Claire Walker on said:

    Almost a decade has passed since I saw you last and yet I think of you often! We definitely had a chance to “do enough” you inspired me then and still inspire me now, you opened my heart and my mind and set me off on my journey. I can not begin to comprehend how many lives you must have touched!! Thank you for being exactly who you are! always with love xx

  4. Diane Brown on said:

    Your wisdom and kindness is with me always. I have grown into who I am with your support. Wishing you live and peace.

    • Miriam Granthier on said:

      Thank you, Diane. I’m still available in the form of my reflections in my blog here on my website which I update, (I think you might particularly like the one about the monkeys and the balls and via email. Warmest wishes, Miriam

  5. Alison Simcock on said:

    I have just found your blog Miriam; I don’t know why it has taken me so long to find it as you are in my heart nearly everyday. Thank you for sharing and continuing to reach out to us in the most difficult of circumstances. It’s a comfort to know that I can still share a little of your journey and tell you how much the time I spent with you to informs my journey now. These things are so precious, beyond time and space . .

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