About Blue Skies

About Blue Skies

Miriam Grace (Granthier), Psychotherapist

Miriam Grace (Granthier), MA, Founder of Blue Skies, is a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and Senior Accredited BACP Counsellor and Supervisor and Associate Lecturer at the University of Derby. She has run a thriving, successful psychotherapy practice since 1990, based in Derby.

During this time she has benefited from the experience of working with a diverse client group and has enjoyed a wide variety of challenges and learning experiences. (see Miriam Grace (Granthier) for training qualifications and accreditations). This has included working with:

  • Therapy groups
  • University students at Nottingham University and the University of Derby
  • Training workshops
  • Individuals, Couples and Teams
  • Writing Degree Programmes (undergraduate and postgraduate courses) in Psychotherapy
  • Supervising clinical practice and academic dissertations 

With contracts within the voluntary Sector, Social Services, the prison service, Higher Education and the Health Service.

Miriam supervises other practitioners, consultants and organisations in their work and supervises Counselling and Psychotherapy students. She has tutored at Nottingham University on their Counselling Diploma course and in her role as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Derby has tutored and provided supervision for Derby University on the Supervision training, Psychotherapy courses and Nursing Studies there also.

Miriam runs training workshops in Counselling, Personal Development and related subjects (see Events page).  She liaises with other practitioners and groups and maintains Blue Skies work by attendance on further training, conferences and seminars.

Miriam excels in enabling teams and organisations where communications have become stuck or entangled to move towards more effective working. She also assists in maintaining healthy organisations by providing training and life coaching to staff (see Training).

She has a fully subscribed private psychotherapy practice with vacancies arising occasionally for those who wish to work in depth on personal change (see Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Blue Skies Developments

Blue Skies dedicates time and energy to projects which benefit the wider community and is a passionate supporter central to establishing a new charity within Derbyshire to bring psychotherapeutic healing and support to the community. Miriam was an organiser of the  Holistic Therapists day to raise money to help rebuilding projects in Nepal. This project raised over £4,000  in September 2015.  Please check our news page for developments.

Miriam is a keen supporter and leader of Laughter Yoga which is a non-profit making service to the community and runs a group in Derby.

In 2012, following a life time of interest, Miriam began to create and write about the importance of body and spirit within a psychological approach. Psychotherapy literally is translated as ‘healing of the soul’, and Miriam wished to deepen her approach. The Human Trinity Principles created by Miriam gave rise to the home study Life Awakening life review course. This body-mind-spirit model incorporates Miriam’s strong belief that the client is unique, can be self empowered and self directed, and that self acceptance and authentic living is essential in healing and happiness. Miriam also be offers therapy that incorporates all three elements, offering sessions with the combination of talking therapy, meditation and therapeutic touch/Zero Balancing for those who are looking for a combined approach. All designed to support the client support themselves.