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Pyjamas and Pearls: Enjoying life with all we have

I used to do a Wednesday Morning Breakfast Interview in my blog, with various practitioners or teachers. You may remember Julie Creffield from The Fat Girl’s Guide to Running or Phillipa Wilson from Oakwood Yoga to name a couple (full … Continue reading

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Same Is NOT Equal: why being non-judgemental does your LGBT clients a disservice

I had [a therapist] that said being gay was “no big deal” to her. She was trying to comfort me that she wouldn’t be judgmental but when you’ve dealt with homophobia you also want it to be a big deal … Continue reading

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‘A Paradox of Neuroses and Wisdom’: reflections from my yoga mat

संकल्प ‘I am well, I am happy, I am peaceful and at ease’, I said to myself, three times, focusing on my heart. I say this three times before my yoga nidra practice and three times at the end. Its called … Continue reading

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Dads are cool, Mums are like literally so stressy: Why mothers often get the worst of teenagers

I have been privileged to have been in the position to support many mothers having difficulties with, and experiencing pain in relation to, their teenagers over the years and in spite of being retired from psychotherapeutic work after 30 years … Continue reading

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To Boldly Want

How often have you been told “I want doesn’t get”? Today I want to talk about wanting and needing. And the importance of saying and of knowing, “I want“. That opening phrase, is problematic because it already hints at the … Continue reading

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This year you do not have to be good

“This New Year decide to accept nothing you don’t deserve”.  I read this week in a jauntily, much shared, quote on Facebook. As a gestalt therapist I found this statement so disturbingly unhelpful, trite and shallow and I had to … Continue reading


Top Tips for December

  I have dedicated December as ‘Look after yourself month’ at Blue Skies. MIND – as a psychotherapist I know December is often a very stressful month for people with most of my referrals coming in January (straight after Christmas). … Continue reading


Surviving Overwhelm or Exhaustion

Let me introduce the 3-2-1 Survival Method©, which I have developed over three decades of working with clients with depression, anxiety, chronic illness, and in emergency situations of overwhelm and stress. While I have been in my own situation of … Continue reading

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The question that is so important and the answer that is not.

What if you didn’t have long to live? I remember sitting with a client during a session while she was waiting for results of a cancer test. “What would you do if the results are positive and you have two … Continue reading


Poking death with a stick, being a goddess and related activities

I tread a path with one foot in one world and one in the other and if you see either just my complaints and suffering or just my peace and curiosity you are missing a part. It’s both, it always … Continue reading