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Time to think of ourselves

When asked what they wish to achieve in therapy, many Blue Skies clients simply say, ‘Peace’, or ‘To not feel like this’. Blue Skies believes that people come to therapy when the time is right, to discover what prevents them from feeling at peace or comfortable in their own skin.

Miriam believes the process of the work (how we work) to be as important at the content of the work (what we talk about). She works from a basis of trust in your natural ability to find your way through the most challenging emotions and situations. Every client is different and some may come for therapy long term and others for focussed short term work. Some clients benefit from cognitive processing (examining thoughts), others from body work or dialoguing, and others by listening to their inner voice, many benefit from a combination of approaches. Each client is unique and so will help devise the therapy that is most appropriate for their needs and their personality.

The most important aspect of therapy is to be able to form a relationship based on trust. A good supportive, non judgmental and empathic relationship is not just the basis, but is also the work itself. If therapist and client can communicate and work together with respect, then the healing takes place through this experience as well as examining the problems a client brings.

The support of psychotherapy provides a reflective space to connect with who you are, what you need and to develop the skills necessary to move forward in your chosen direction.

To find your own personal clarity it important to find a therapist who can listen to and understand your experience and to explore repeated themes in your life. Miriam works to listen to all areas within the client and considers the whole person, Mind, Body and Spirit.

If you are considering therapy, this is an important time in your life and therapy may be a step you need to take. Consider if now it is time for you, time to move forward.

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